Kids of Divorce Speak Out

Anyone familiar with our work in California knows that the Center for Judicial Excellence has remained steadfast in our commitment to protecting children’s rights in the courts. We are honored to bring you the voices of children whose lives have been forever altered by the widespread corruption in America’s family courts. These young people are now speaking out- some for the very first time- about how they survived their respective ordeals. These “ambassadors of truth” are a force to be reckoned with. They are driven to be heard, and they are available for television, radio, print or online interviews.

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Therapists Speak Out About Child Safety Concerns

CJE Board member and former California divorce court mediator Emily Gallup’s courageous whistleblower tale is documented in the movie Divorce Corp. Ms. Gallup sued her former employer, the Nevada County Family Court Services because she could no longer tolerate the judge and her supervisor threatening parents with scare tactics and pressuring her to harm families and break the law while performing her duties as a court employee.

More About Emily Gallup, MFT

Dr. Joyanna Silberg, PhD is the Executive Vice-President of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence. Her forensic practice specializes in child sexual abuse and she has served as an expert witness in 27 states.

 More About Dr. Joyanna Silberg, PhD

No Way Out But One

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Video Production by Combridges & Richard Quinn Footage of Jennifer & Dr. Silberg, courtesy of Garland Waller’s No Way Out But One. Footage of Judge Gothard, courtesy of Dominique Lasseur’s Breaking the Silence.